Today’s topic is a special request from my Dom. On second thought, it wasn’t a request. But ‘special’ still stands, since he has only ever dictated my blog on a few occasions.

Last Saturday, in an attempt to distract me, Rocky asked me how one of my explorative tasks was going that he gave me some time ago, before our break. Then, due to the response I gave him, he tasked me to a daily practice. One I find rather challenging, but also unexpectedly rewarding and arousing.

Anal stimulation.

Guys, I’m an anal virgin… And Rocky knows this. The fact that he wants me to practice and stretch is both deathly frightening and very hot. But there are challenges here…

Not only am I very self-conscious about my anus (two pregnancies were not kind to my “rose bud”), but I surely do not know what I am doing as a total novice who is trying to discover new territories of my body. Especially if I can’t even see those parts without the help of a mirror.

But, nevertheless, I forge onwards as a brave little sub who is very adept at researching and sorting the facts from the fictions. So, every night before bed, I use any tool I find useful to see to it that, whatever Rocky’s plan with me might be on Sunday, I will be as prepared as I can possibly be.

The hang up is that it is quite uncomfortable, but at least not unmanageable. Yet, I find the unexpected bonus is that I have the most incredible orgasms. One even left me on very shaky legs for some time; the orgasm was so intense that I couldn’t even come up with an excuse as to where my blood must have rushed to. And my bed was practically sodden.

This isn’t to say that I got off on anal stimulation alone. I am probably too conscientious for that right now. Dual penetration feels really good for me, it has a rather consuming effect, my brain can’t wander even while I have to focus on relaxing.

There are some things I am going to have to iron out, time will correct my insecurities. For now, I will keep practising, I am suspicious that it may feel so good because it’s new or because I am so bloody turned on all the time right now. I simply have to imagine Rocky and I become an instant quivering mess.

I am not complaining! I absolutely love the feeling of this overwhelming lust, it makes me feel alive! As long as I get at least one orgasm a day… Otherwise, I can turn into a bit of a dragon… But these, very regular, orgasms have had a massive effect on me.

The lasting result of this task is that I haven’t felt more centred in a very long time. I am calm and decisive. I have fun with my kids and don’t lack enthusiasm. I wish I could tell the world that this amazing version of me is due to Rocky, but for now, it is something I get to share with you guys.

Great task Rocky, thank you.




3 thoughts on “3…

  1. I loved reading this, Liv2C!!! Thank you for sharing so openly. We only started with anal play about six months ago, and I was an anal virgin too. I couldn’t help but smile as you described how intense your orgasm was when it included anal stimulation as I remember being blown away the first time. Last night was my very first experience with a frozen, glass dildo…and I am still reeling from the intensity (and pleasure!). I have learned a lot in our adventures…if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


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