I am trying really hard not to put myself through a serious beautifying regime right now. I find that I am quite funny, and I mean in a haha way. I want to primp and prep as soon as I can! And the fact that I recognise the ridiculousness of it makes me laugh at myself.

I am consumed with seeing my Dom on Sunday. So much so that I am concerned I might actually pass out when I do get to see him! (See? Funny…)

So, how do you guys deal with such shivering anticipation? I’m thinking I’ll just keep laughing at myself and do a hard talk with myself every now and again when I think I’m getting out of hand.

Rocky, well let me tell you, he is getting me ready in his own way…

He has started to send me messages that prompt visualisations of me quivering and panting at his hands. This, I am sure, is going to continue for the rest of the week. I think I can look forward to being very wet and very horny right up to finally being with him and finding the ultimate relief.

Let me explain something about ‘ultimate relief’ – I want him to break me. I want to be that mess that he is talking about, laying in wait for his punishment, his touch, his mouth on me, his cock in me.

The messages he sent me yesterday gave me pause. He wants me at his mercy, and I like it. I immediately felt the blood rush through my body, leaving me to puff out the heat waves that my body emitted. You know that feeling of lust that leaves you breathless in wait and throbbing in all the right places? I know what’s coming… Yes, I know…

So, I count the days. Excruciatingly. Hopefully, I’ll survive myself in the mean time…



3 thoughts on “5 days to go

  1. I LOVE the anticipation! I too spend a lot of time primping before a long awaited session…hair removal, lotioning, a little time out in the sun…ENJOY your big day! I can’t wait to read about it 🙂


    1. If I’m honest, I can say that I couldn’t hold back. I have begun with my hair removal too, although I realise that I will probably have to shave again anyway. But I can’t do nothing!!! It’s just too exciting!!!


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