It’s nearly been two weeks since our D/s relationship has come to an end. I still stand by the reason why I walked away, but the last two weeks has been one revelation after the other, and so I am writing this letter to venture into an area I have never gone into before.

Even though our D/s relationship came to an immediate and abrupt end, we have still been in communication and it has become clear to me that neither one of us was really ready for the D/s side of things to cease. I am not the kind of person to change my mind once I have made it, I am simply too hard-headed and stubborn for that. Also, I never regret my decisions.

However, recent events have put me in a selfish pursuit of my own happiness and I believe you hold the key to a large chunk of it. So, I am writing, to you, my terms while asking you to consider having me as your submissive once more;

No lies, no bullshit. Take me as I am, don’t duck and cover. I can handle anything you throw my way, don’t baby me. I might not like everything you do, I may even disagree. But I will stand by you. I will support your decisions and I will give you the respect that you have already earned from me, always.

You will have to allow me to love you as my Dom and my friend. I don’t want to marry you and I don’t want to be your girlfriend, so relax… I want to be your sub, I want to be the one who offers you the space to be you while having the space to be me. Ours was a very intense sort of relationship, and I can not be expected to not want or need you. I do want and need you.

You can not threaten our relationship whenever I am being difficult. When our D/s relationship has finally run its course, we will (probably) mutually agree to part and grow on the other foundations of our friendship. The bond between us is clearly going to last beyond our D/s relationship and I look forward to regarding you as one of my dearest friends for the rest of my life.

You will have to collar me. I want to be owned. By you. I want to have your mark on me every day and every night that I am your sub.

If I am, at all, lucky enough for you to reconsider our position, I will be truly grateful. If you choose to let things stay as they currently are, then I will respect that too. I realise that this is all very assertive of me and a little too forward, coming from a submissive, but I am laying my cards out and taking a risk. Blame it on the episodes of Suits I have been watching. Whatever.

You made me happy in an unexpected way during the short period we had together. I want it again. I accept that the feeling of being lost and lonely is to be expected from a sub who is suddenly without a Dom, but I choose you. I have wondered endlessly about the reasons for our paths crossing, I have prayed nonstop for solutions and answers and meaning. I might regret that I am going back on a very large decision that I made, but I need to risk it.

My body and mind burn for you. I know that I want YOU. I want to kneel by you, I want to submit to you, I want to feel you, know you, and give to you.

Allow me to come to you, please?




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